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Upload DOCX and Images to generate a blind CV

We like to stay in touch with our users. You guys have the best insights into what we can improve in our application to let you generate profiles faster and in the most user-friendly manner. And this product update was entirely driven by feedback that we received from you - our users.
Thanks to your tips and hints after our last Product Update released on February 8, 2024 🔗, we shipped two new major improvements in the last week.

Uploading CVs as DOCX and Images is now available

You can now upload PDF, DOCX (like Word or Google Docs files), and image files to our application, and they will be further processed to generate the data for the blinds and profiles.

Technologies and Skills sections are more accurate

We knew about this need for a while, but it turned to be more complicated than we expected. When we as humans read CVs, we can easily mark soft and hard skills as well as find all the technologies mentioned in the document, but when the same ability as we humans have must be re-created as code and leveraged to an application, it becomes a challenging task. That's why it took us a bit longer than we assumed, but finally, it is available!

What has changed?
In general, both sections should be more accurate. It means that input from CVs should go to the correct section. The Skills section groups all the soft and hard skills. The Technologies section lists all technologies and tools mentioned in the uploaded document. After the current changes, both sections will be more consistent, and we expected that mismatches will happen rarely, if at all.

We also took care of duplicates (especially in technologies), and we think this problem is addressed. In parallel, we introduced content filters, so texts not considered as skills or technologies should be excluded from both lists.
When we describe this change, we use terms like "we think" or "it should" as text documents like CVs are pretty complex beasties and our new feature may still make some mistakes.

It's just a few days since it is available in the app and we will be observing how they work in the production, but we're pretty sure you will quickly notice that both sections provide better data accuracy than previously.

In the upcoming weeks, we will stay focused on data accuracy, but in the meantime, we also plan to deliver some UX/UI improvements.

We really appreciate your feedback, and we always enjoy working on tasks that come directly from you, so whenever you feel that you have something to share, don't hesitate and reach out to us!
Who knows, maybe your idea will revolutionize the whole industry. 😉

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for new updates that will arrive soon.

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