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Product Update - Feb '24

What's new in CVtoBlind?

In this post, we described all the new features and updates we have worked on in the last weeks. The changes we released today (Friday, 09.02.2024) are available for all our users.

Add Templates

Let's begin with one of the major changes, which is a new feature that allows you to add your company's templates by yourself (it's 100% self-service). You can do it by clicking the Add Template button on the Templates page and drag and drop a file with a template you created.

You can also use this option to update an existing template. To modify the template, you can download it from the app, make changes and upload the new version to the app.

To download a template file click on the icon cricled in red.

CVtoBlind Docs

If you're interested in learning more about how to create or modify a template, you can now go to our new site - CVtoBlind Docs 🔗. You will find everything you need to prepare your first template there.

It is our public knowledge base where you can learn not only about the templates but we maintain all the information about our solution on this site. Promise to keep it up to date!

Template Sandbox

In the Template Sandbox, you can test your template to verify if it works as expected before you add it to the application and share it with your teammates. Our sandbox includes CV data (greetings to our volunteer - Andrew Converter!), so you can see what your file looks like when it's filled in with the data. If something is wrong with your template, the sandbox will inform you about it and may give you a hint where a bug sits. Once you find a way to fix it, you can always return to our site and re-test it as often as you want.

Go and test your templates 🔗.

Project Description

We added a new field - Project Description to the Edit Screen. It is extracted from the uploaded files, and it propagates information about the project name, project overview or job description. It's displayed in the Experience section after the role name in each working position. If CV doesn't contain information about the projects, the field will be left empty.

📌 It's important to know that files converted before we added the field won't be backfilled automatically. If you want to update the Project Description in the existing blinds, you can manually enter it or upload the original CV and rerun the conversion.

Since this is a very new field in our app, it may require your attention, but it will get more and more precise in the upcoming weeks.

If you want to add the field to your templates, download the existing template, update it, check it works, and add a new template for your organization


We made our API publicly available so you can integrate it with our solution and leverage it in your database, ATS or CRM. To get access to the API, go to your Account and generate API keys.

The API allows you to convert the CV documents, and it returns data structured in JSON format.

Check our API documentation 🔗 for more information.

Bug fixes and minor changes

In the last days, you may notice that the issue with uploading files is gone. We fixed it permanently. We also fixed a problem with adding members to organizations and a few minor bugs on the UI.

Additionally, we made some slight adjustments, on the screens, in the text descriptions etc to improve the overall user experience.

Ok, that's all for now and stay tuned for new updates that will be announced soon!

Thanks for your reading and hope you find these changes valuable. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us at

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