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Launching CVtoBlind App (Beta) - Hello, World!

Hey 👋
we’re excited to announce that we just launched  🚀 CVtoBlind 🚀 in Beta mode and we’re ready to change the entire industry once forever!

What is it for?

CVtoBlind is designed to convert CV to an anonymized format called Blinds. Our app automates the whole conversion and it takes up to 60 seconds to produce ready-to-go Blind. You don’t have to manually copy-paste every line from CV to your template or remove personal information in PDF editors. Just drag and drop a CV, wait a few seconds and download a Blind. That’s it!

Who can use it?

Everybody who works with CVs and Blinds and wants to get rid of this tedious task. Right now, we recommend to join our app if you're ready to be an early user who accepts that not everything is polished and 100% ready.

What does Beta mode mean?

It means that our app is still in its early days and is just a minimal version of the product we want to build. You can expect a lot of new features and functionalities to be added in the following weeks. Beta mode also means that occasionally our app may be unstable due to some changes we introduce regularly. You may find some bugs here and there, so we kindly ask you to be understanding as we’re working hard to make it perfect (and it’s not that easy!).

A few words about us

We specialize in building machine learning products and needed such a converter for our needs. We couldn't find a good solution, so we've built our own and made it available to everybody. Now we’re 100% focused on it and we’re going to build the #1 product on the market - so stay tuned! 🫡

Thanks for reading.
Hope you enjoy it, and until next time!

Magda, Łukasz and Tomek
CVtoBlind Founders

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