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Welcome aboard Future Processing!

We're happy to share that Future Processing, a leading technology consulting and software delivery partner joins our users! FP specializes in custom-engineered solutions and IT products tailored to enhance operational efficiency across various industries. Their extensive expertise in AI & ML consulting, data solutions, and cybersecurity places them at the forefront of technological innovation, making them a good ally for companies seeking to leverage advanced IT solutions.

We are excited that our CVtoBlind app will be part of HR and Sales operations in the FP organization. Our app is specifically designed to streamline the process of converting CVs into blind CVs. Thus, it will boost the efficiency of the HR and Sales teams and allow them to focus on more important/valuable tasks than copy-pasting. Thanks to the flexibility of our application, the FP team added their own blind template to our app, so their clients will keep receiving offers in the template that FP has been sending before they became our users.

We are enthusiastic about our partnership with Future Processing and the potential it holds. We look forward to a fruitful cooperation and are excited about the possibilities the future holds.

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