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Add Your Company's Templates

Our app offers built-in templates that you can use as is, or we can also customize them for you. If you want to add your logo or change colors, fonts, or anything else, just let us know, and we will modify it.

If you prefer to use your own templates to generate the blinds or profiles, you can add them to our app.

Below, we list the most important and frequent questions related to the templates. If you don't see answers to your questions, please get in touch with us at

Template tab in CVtoBlind app

What templates can I add to your app?

Our application accepts all templates which can be saved as a DOCX file. If your template was created in Word or Google Docs, then you can use this template in our app and be sure it will look the same as your current documents. If your template includes, for example, your company logo, some graphics, different fonts, colors, tables, and fixed text in the footer and header - all of these will look the same after generating a blind or a profile from our app.

How can I add my company's templates?

Go to Templates tab and click Add Template 🔗.

If you prefer, templates can uploaded by our team. Send your templates or filled-in examples as DOCX files to and we will add them to your account. We will inform you when everything is ready.

How many templates can I have in my account?

There is no limit on the number of templates that you can use. For example, if you have different templates for various clients or roles, you can add them all.

How can I edit my templates?

Currently, you can edit the template name and who can access it - only you or all your teammates.

Once our function to upload templates by yourself is ready, you can edit your template files. If you need to make changes before it happens, please contact us, and we will make it for you.

Can I share templates with my team?

Sure, you can create an organization and share all the templates with your team. You can also select which templates you would like to keep private and accessible only for you.

🔗 Click here to learn more about how to create an organization.

How much does it all cost?

You can add as many templates as you need for free. Editing, sharing, and managing them is also free of charge.

Can CVtoBlind prepare a profile instead of a regular blind?

Yes, our app allows to create both types of documents. You can convert a CV to a Profile that includes more information than a standard Blind.

What information from CVs can I pass to my blinds / profiles?

CVtoBlind can extract any information from the CV and pass it to your Profile and/or Blind. You can choose what information you want to present in your documents. 

Let's say that you use two different Profile / Blind Templates:

  • Profile A includes first name, last name, and physical address + all standard information about the experience.
  • Profile B includes only the first name and standard information about the working experience.‍

Our app can create profiles A and B based on the same CV.

In our Docs, you can read more about the information from the CV we can capture now. If your documents require different data granularity or structure, please contact us, and we will check if we can provide it in the way you need. 🔗 Go to the documentation page.

Can I switch between templates for the same CV?

Yes, once a CV is converted, you can generate a blind or profile with different templates.

How can I set a default template for all my Blinds / Profiles?

Yes, you can set a default template. Go to the Templates tab, and in a row with a template you would like to set as the default, click on a house icon in the Actions column. Once you change it, the newly selected template will be your default.

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