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You can create an organization during the free trial and once you switch to the paid plans. There are no limits on how many users you can invite to your organization in our app.

What are the benefits of creating an organization?

  • Everybody in the organization can access and edit all the blinds created by other members.
  • Users can share Profile/ Blinds templates (you can keep templates private and not share them if you want).

How to do it?

It takes a few seconds to create an organization. You can follow the steps described below or watch a short video where we show how to do it.


  • Click on your Profile Picture and go to Manage account.
  • Go to Organization and click Create new Organization.

how to create an organization in

  • Enter your company name and hit Create organization.
  • Enter the email addresses of your teammates (you can do it later, too).
  • Choose their roles:
    - Admin has the rights to manage the organization and members.
    - Member is a part of the organization but can't manage it.
  • Click Send invitations.

Add your company name and invite teammates

Congrats, you did it!

Your team will receive invitations within a few seconds (check the SPAM folder). Once they click to accept the invitations, they will be automatically enrolled in the app.

Allowing your team to have one source of Blinds and Profiles will:

  • Speed up the process of delivering profiles to your clients,
  • Streamline the communication within the team,
  • Make it easier to re-use the Profiles / Blinds for different sales processes.

Also, using the same set of templates will ensure that your team sends documents in a clean and consistent format that looks professional, and your clients will appreciate that they receive files that have the same look and feel.

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