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What you can do with CVtoBlind today

Our app is still in its early days, so the number of features and functionalities is limited compared to what we're now working on and what's in our Product Roadmap.

What's possible today?

Currently, you can upload a one-column CV and convert it to a Blind. In the Preview mode, you can see the content of your Blind and edit it if needed. You can add, edit or remove any field from the Blind. Also, it's possible to change the order of list items, e.g., in Skills or Experience sections.

Your custom Blind Templates

If you'd like to use your Blind Template, let us know at, and we will add it. Only you will have access to your custom template. In the following weeks, we will introduce a feature allowing you to add templates to the app.

What's next?

Firstly, we're working on fine-tuning our core functionality - the converter. We want to make it more accurate and handle more types of CVs.
In the upcoming weeks, we will be introducing a Blind Storage, so all the Blinds that you create in our app will be available there. You will be able to edit, download and delete them.

Let's make this product great together!

We would love to hear your feedback about the app as it will help us focus on the most essential areas and you will receive the solution tailored to your needs.
If you have any recommendations on what features should be added next or anything else worth sharing, please drop us a line.
Contact us at

Thanks for reading and until next time!
CVtoBlind Team

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