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Scalo, welcome aboard!

Scalo is a leading IT services provider that excels in crafting custom software solutions and supplying dedicated development teams. Their comprehensive services include technological consulting, creating custom software, and staffing for IT needs

Scalo has recently embraced CVtoBlind, an HR Tech tool specializing in converting CVs to Blinds, to optimize their recruitment and sales processes. CVtoBlind's automated categorization of technologies speeds up the preparation of candidate profile, enabling Scalo's HR to increase efficiency.
Our CV blind maker is a game-changer for modern HR teams, offering a seamless leverage of modern technologies in day-to-day HR activities.

We'd like to express our gratitude to Scalo for their trust in CVtoBlind and we look forward to a fruitful cooperation.
This partnership signifies a leap towards innovative HR solutions, demonstrating the potential of technology in enhancing recruitment operations.

Together, Scalo and CVtoBlind are setting new standards in the HR Tech landscape, promising a future of efficient and fair recruitment practices.

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