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Organizations become an integral part of our app

We've been quiet for a while due to intense days spent developing the CVtoBlind app, and today's update reveals some of the changes.

This update is important because it will affect all users and organizations in CVtoBlind from now onwards.

Organization requirement

Due to various challenges with personal / organizational accounts, we'll be requiring all users to be a part of an organization from now on.

This change will not affect the majority of users:

  • If you're already a part of an org, you will not be affected at all
  • If you're not yet part of an org, you will be prompted to join an existing one or a create a new one before you can use the app
  • Similarly, new users must join an existing org or create a new one before they can use the app

Additionally, we'll be discontinuing personal accounts - all personal profiles, templates & subscriptions will automatically be transferred to a newly joined / created organization.This change will allow us to deliver a much smoother experience for all of our users in the long run. Should you encounter any problems with the transition, feel free to reach out to us, we'll be happy to help.

Pay as you go plan

We've recently introduced a new pricing plan - Pay as you go, with no minimal usage quotas. If your quota needs can vary greatly in time, then this might be the solution just for you.

Usage Cap

In order to limit the spend of your team, we've introduced a usage cap setting - you can set the upper limit on how many conversions your organization is allowed to perform each billing cycle (30 days). Any additional conversion attempts will be prevented, until the next billing period starts (or the quota is increased). Usage Cap can be set in Usage tab (click on your profile picture to get there).

By default it is set to 0. It means that Usage Cap is turned off, so there is no limits in number of conversions you and your organization can make. Every user in the organization can change the Usage Cap.

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