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IDEGO goes into automation in HR.

Idego Group specializes in transforming data into value, focusing on data engineering, data science, business intelligence, and data strategy. They support companies in enhancing decision-making processes through their expertise in data and AI, cloud services, and digital product development.

Having Idego among our users was one of the best things that could happen to our team as their team shared many good ideas and inspired us to think out of the box about HR tech solutions. Our close collaboration has the potential to be very fruitful not only because Idego can now process CVs 2 to 5 times faster compared to manual or semi-manual approaches but also because we share a similar vision of the future of the HR world. We're on the path to shaping the next generation of systems responsible for staffing and team augmentation

Automatic conversion of CVs to blinds and built-in & custom blind templates play a crucial role in winning clients in today's market, as tools like ours ensure speed and accuracy and free people up so they can spend their time on more valuable tasks.

But this is just a step towards something completely new, and having such open-minded and willing-to-try-new things users like Idego will help us steer our efforts in the right direction.

We're very grateful to such a good team among our users!

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