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GS SERVICES super heros got to the next level!

GS Services is a company specializing in recruitment and IT specialist outsourcing, providing support in IT project management, recruitment processes, and managed services. They focus on delivering tailored IT consulting and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions, aiming to optimize recruitment and onboarding costs for businesses while ensuring efficiency and quality in the services they provide.

We're super excited about the fact that we are now helping the GSS Team. It's the best proof for our team that the solution we're building delivers value to our target group, and we can't wait to reveal what our next big step will be in disrupting HR and Sales areas. Our core remains the same, meaning that we will improve our engine for CV parsing, and new features will be enabled in our API for converting CVs to blinds, but we also plan to ship something that will make HR and Sales teams work around CV and Blinds even simpler and faster than what's possible now with the existing features in the CVtoBlind app and our API.

“Since GSS has levarged the CVtoBlind application, the fate of HR World is safe.” says a superhero who prefers to stay anonymous.

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