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Ework Group specializes in creating successful collaborations within the talent market, connecting clients and professionals through a comprehensive range of services including consulting, recruitment, and managed services. They emphasize a future-focused approach to work, aiming to benefit individuals, organizations, and society​.

The manual, tedious work of copy-pasting texts from CVs to the company's template, reviewing, modifying, and correcting the document formatting - well, it's an HR nightmare and everybody who has experienced it knows how time-consuming and mundane it is.

But here we come! Our fast-growing HR Tech application, dedicated to converting CVs to Blinds in a few seconds, was an ideal answer for this nightmare. Since EWORK Team started using our app on a daily basis, their workdays have significantly improved. The HRs freed up their time for more important tasks such as sourcing, interviews, and internal & external communication.

"Thanks to CVtoBlind, we can increase our service delivery and improve productivity as Recruiters. This tool is beneficial in everyday work.
Easy to use, content accessibility supports daily work." says Anita Tukindorf, Senior IT Recruiter at EWORK Group.

Anita's words perfectly summarize why we wanted to launch the CVtoBlind app.
We're super thankful for this pleasant and high-quality cooperation. Let's keep it up! :)

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