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Dear ITFS friends, welcome to the CVtoBlind app!

ITFS is a rapidly growing consulting company operating internationally in the IT sector. It specializes in recruitment, IT staff outsourcing, and team leasing. It's a perfect match for the CVtoBlind app because our solution aims to streamline the process of preparing candidate profiles for clients looking to fill their open positions.

Our HR Tech app allows ITFS to keep all their profile templates and parse CV documents so their HR team members can save a lot of time and focus on more valuable tasks. What's most important, their clients obtain the reviewed profiles much faster than the manual process.

"I highly recommend the CVtoBlind application - it is incredibly helpful for recruiters' daily work, works seamlessly, intuitively, and saves a lot of time. Furthermore, the founders are open to feedback and suggestions, as well as friendly and supportive, which makes communication very pleasant." says Aleksandra Wysokińska, Senior IT Recruiter at ITFS.

We must admit that our ongoing cooperation brought many good hints from the ITFS team. Their ideas and suggestions helped us tune the app in the right direction.

Thanks to this great cooperation, we are optimistic about the development of our tool in the HR Tech area, and the feedback from ITFS will certainly allow us to further improve the process of converting CVs into Blinds.

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