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Automatic Technology Categorization

What's new?

Automatic Technology Categorization sorts technologies into eight distinct categories, improving the readability of the Profile Edit Screen and allowing you to quickly check if a CV includes technologies that are important in your current HR/Sales processes. You can also leverage the categories in your Blind CV Templates to present technologies under specific headers such as Programming languages or Development tool. Customize your template and select which ones you want to show.

The new look of the Technologies Section.

Technologies in The New Blinds vs Existing Blinds

Technologies will be automatically categorized for all the new conversions (all from March 8th, 2024 and onwards).

In the existing profiles (created before March 8th, 2024), all the technologies are put in the Other category. We decided to go that way because categorization of the technologies in the existing files would be a significant effort and we had to choose: whether we would work on new features or make historical files aligned with the new feature. We decided to invest our time in the next tasks that we’ve heard are important for you to improve e.g. data accuracy and what information should be included in the blinds. But if it’s crucial to put technologies in the right categories for the existing profiles, please let us know and we will reprioritize our work.

New ways to display categories in Blind Templates

You can update your templates and display technologies in the categories. It’s also possible to create a template that shows specific tech categories.

To integrate new categorization into your current templates, simply download the existing template from the app, update the DOCX file with the required fields and that’s it!

Detailed instructions and the necessary fields can be found 🔗 here.

If you make changes in your template, check if it works as expected in our 🔗 Template Sandbox.

An example of how you can categorize technologies in your Templates.

Our app learns from you

Categorization adapts to collective (all users) preferences. If a technology, for example, Java is relocated from Frameworks to Programming languages, the system learns and remembers this choice. So, in the next conversions, Java will appear in the Programming languages category.

We will release new updates in the next days, so stay tuned for more.

And as always, we look forward to your feedback.

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